1872 River House

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1872 River House


The 1872

Situated in the historical area of Porto city, Portugal, 1872 River House is one of the hotels units of reference for the historical center, known as being a valuable “piece of history”. The area has been appreciated by UNESCO as having a remarkable cultural value accumulated in over 2000 years of existence. After this building has survived to water and a fire that nearly destroyed it, the building was brought back to life. The rehabilitation operation was completed so the building will begin a new phase of its life under the name of 1872 – River House, with 8 rooms on the ashore of Douro river.

Branding, Print, Art Direction – 2014


House with a view

This is a place where rush does not exist. Where things happen at the rhythm of people, and at the rhythm of a city that is both contemporary and traditional. This is a River House that is always ready to welcome those who wish to rest, but also more than ready to welcome those who wish to wander around and discover new stories. This is the 1872: a place where to mingle with people from everywhere, a place where to dream, a place where to stand face to face with the river Douro. It is a balcony over the water.

New Classic

The visual identity reflects the classic and romantic architecture and the footbridge, the most iconic part of the building, built in 1872 to connect the building to the higher street. Situated in Ribeira, 1872 River House is largely punctuated with art nouveau details present in the stained glass windows and the footbridge. Those elements define its uniqueness and are an unmistakable inspiration for the logo design, the choice of typography and chromatic palette. The brand graphic composition and its visual universe are a symbiosis with the physical and emotional environment of 1872 also concerning the materials selected to create brand signage and communication materials such as forged iron and bronze hot stamp. 


This project has many hands on it. A huge thanks to the team that pulled this together with such positivity and enthusiasm, especially: Teresa Aguiar

Photography by: Ze Vitro
Architecture project: Adriana Floret

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