House of Filigree – Catalogue

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House of Filigree – Catalogue


House of Filigree — Catalogue Exhibition

The exhibition catalogue complements and expands the knowledge about Portuguese Filigree. From the exploration of the historical context and imagery framing to the detailed description of filigree pieces in the collection, the catalogue also presents itself as an exhibition and adornment piece. The reference to gold mirrored through the use of metallic pantone in several graphic notes throughout the catalogue reinforces the link to gold as the primary material in the manufacture of filigree pieces. In a more classic compositional tone, while maintaining references to the contemporary character that favors the expansive use of the image, the catalogue presents itself as a useful artefact in understanding the world of filigree.

This project has many hands on it. A huge thanks to the team that pulled this together with such positivity and enthusiasm, especially: Luísa Rosas, Paulo Valente, Mafalda Teixeira Bastos.

Curation: Luisa Rosas e Paulo Valente

Authors: Gonçalo de Vasconcelos e Sousa e Rosa Maria Mota
Studio Photography by Nuno Moreira

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