Surforma x Cassio

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Surforma x Cassio



Surforma is SONAE Industry’s newest brand dedicated to the production of laminates and compacts for construction and surfaces’ decoration of construction and furniture, oriented for architects, interior designers and furniture brands.
The brand takes on surface and form (Sur+forma) as fundamental pillars for its development, having always as a referential the “Shaping Spaces” signature.
Surforma aims to demystify laminates and compacts as industrial products
and to become a partner with a daily commitment of offering solutions that combine functionality, avant-garde and adaptability. The commitment involves the high quality of the materials used and the unique design of its offer.
To introduce the new range of products and the multiplicity of applications at the Interzum fair held in Cologne in Germany, the brand has created something exceptional.

Graphic Design, Space Design, Product Design, Art Direction – 2020

Surforma x Cassio

A non-conventional collection of conventional pieces created from Surforma’s laminates and compacts.
In collaboration with the designer Paulo Cassio, Surforma will present a series of furniture pieces that function as a showroom of the applicability of his portfolio of products in decorative environments, where the pieces are themselves experimental references of how decorators and product designers can complement their spaces with Surforma’s range of products.


As singular as the collection itself, Surforma’s catalogue presents images and production schemes for the Unconventional Collection. Made out of Metals Gold laminates on the front and Ultra Smooth deep Black laminates on the back cover, the catalogue sustains a direct connection between the product it presents and the sensation of touching it.
On the inside, the paper is made of the same pressed raw material from which the laminates are made of. This connection between material, touch and visual impact allows for an elevated, more personal connection with Surforma’s materials beyond technical specificities.

Product Design by Paulo Cassio
Photography by Nuno Moreira / Numo
Filmography by Vladimir Leopoldo

This project has many hands on it. A huge thanks to the team that pulled this together with such positivity and enthusiasm, especially: Ana Teotónio Lencastre and all Surforma’s team, Sandro Carvalho.

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