This is Pacifica

Forward Thinking

This is Pacifica

We believe in ideas, solving problems, embracing opportunities.

Online, Offline & everywhere in between.

Pacifica is an independent communication studio based in Porto, Portugal, established in 2007 by Pedro Serrão, Pedro Mesquita and Filipe Mesquita. We do Branding, Graphic Design, Interactive Design, Web Design, Packaging, Signs, Space Design, Editorial, Motion Graphics, Mobile Design, Advertising, Events and Relationship Marketing.

Pacifica is one of the most emerging and award-winning design studios  in Portugal.

With a fresh spirit, we make integrated communication and differentiated projects which have originated recognition and awards such as:
– 1 Cannes Lion Award, Bronze in Design
– 1 Star Gold, 2 Silver Awards and 3 nominations at the Art Directors Club Europe (ADC*E)
– 2 awards at the Ibero American Biennial of Design
– More than 50 awards at the Creative Club of Portugal
– 5 awards at Meios&Publicidade
– 2 awards at Briefing Awards

Team (2007 — Present)


Inês Costa (PT), Matilde Nicolau de Almeida (PT), Joana Kock (PT), Tomás Valle (PT), Pedro Lima (PT), Paulo Ribeiro (PT), Mariana Baldaia (PT), Tiago Campeã (PT), Beatriz Cóias (PT), Daniela Fardilha (PT), Telmo Parreira (PT), Joana Bravo (PT), Julia Guimarães (PT/BR), Charline Collete (FR), Inês Vital (PT), Claúdia Salgueiro (PT), Cristobal Sanchez (ES), Yilmaz Sen (TR), Majo Balko (Eslovaquia), Dalila Maganinho (PT), Giovanni Pamio (IT), Marta Albuquerque (ES), Leandra Boj (ES), Lasse Betzer (DN), Sabine Lehm (DE), Sarah Bouchir (FR), Justine Leysite(LT), Paula Garcia (ES), Esther Poch (FR/ES), Paulina Eichwald(RU), Maria Dunaeva (RU), Jorge Coutinho (PT), Wiola Stankiewicz (PL), Ana Fernandes (PT), Inês Barata (PT), Zé Vitro (PT), João Alarcão (PT), João Sousa (PT), Luisa Mesquita (PT), Silvia Antunes (PT), Beatriz Carvalho (PT), Rita Robalinho (PT), Nikolaj Riise (DN), Laura Soares (PT), Margarida Olo (PT)

Employment Opportunities

We are not currently looking to fill any full time positions but are always happy to receive portfolios if you are interested in working with us in a freelance capacity.

Internship Placements

We offer a few internships at the studio each year. If you are interested in completing an internship with us please email us some examples of your work. There are a large number of applicants each year so we apologise if on occasion we fail to respond to your enquiry.

This is Pacifica

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