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The International Theatre Festival of Iberian Expression is proud to be the oldest in the country. Seeks to host public artistic works of classical and contemporary references, as well as experimental and interdisciplinary projects. The festival provides attention to new artistic expressions in performing arts. At the 35th edition, its audience is already used to see a new image every year. That renewal reinforces personality without abdicating its changing nature and values.

Branding, Event, Print, Poster – 2013


The concept rises from the de-construction of cheap and dispensable materials. We chose the plastic bag as the main material.  An analogy with the current cultural Portuguese situation (no fundings, “cheap” culture) and the way culture unfortunately tends to be undervalued and treated like a futility. “Empty bag” or “full bag” is popular expression that suits the intervention about state of mind/mood. Main identity and graphics were designed to combine in different compositions.

Plastic Bag

The plastic bags, manipulated with silkscreen and stamping, empower the conceptual message throughout all communication devices.



The booklet contained not only the entire program, but also the agenda of the event. We developed several covers with different pictures of people with bags on their heads to emulate a performing act.



The Mupi placed on the streets was photographed and printed in different compositions, so that the public could recognize different stages.


Photography: © Cassiano Ferraz
Photography Assistant: Ana Tavares

3D: Raul Arfwedson
Guest Designer for booklet and Pocket Guide: Valdemar Lamego
Thx to: Mário Moutinho, Margarida Serrão, Ana Tavares, Dalila Maganinho, Daniela Fardilha, Telmo Parreira, Carlos Alberto Carvalho, Hugo Serrano, Hugo Roca


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