Bar Aberto

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Bar Aberto — Open Bar

Coca-Cola has a unique space in the Dragon Stadium (of FCPorto Football Club), located at the north end which was used for VIP guests. We had the chance to make this space a place that activates the brand in the context of happiness associated with football, an unexpected space open to all.

Branding, Space, Video – 2014


Coca-Cola has always tried to be present not only at the point of sale, but in people’s lives. This presence is based on creating moments of happiness that perpetuate the emotional connection between customer and brand, in a logic of “ritual creation”, “consumer focus” and spontaneous association with the brand. The space at the Dragon Stadium would be an opportunity to create a “bond” between the brand, the club and the fans, in a positive, attractive and special way.


Open to you

The name and the architecture of the space suggest a brand literally open. The identity developed refers to an imaginary bar atmosphere. The typography was created exclusively for Bar Aberto, as well as a library of dingbats that relate the space, the football club and Coca-Cola. The identity and dingbats elements are embodied in physical space by the use of various materials such as fabric, polycarbonate, black lights, neon, among others.


Happiness that glows

The use of lamps has a dual purpose and generates a festive mood. It is an activator element, associated with bars, nightclubs and drinks, causing excitement: music, fantasy and fun involves the guests. The black light approaches and relates the blue (of FCPorto football club) with the red (of Coca-Cola). The chromatic difference is superimposed by the mood of “Open Bar”.


Bring it to light, to become bright

Lighting up the space through facilities with essentially neon lights not only increases the visibility, but also transforms it into a reference point at the stadium, as an actual “Open Bar”. The use of neon lamps, clear, contrasting and flexible lights, builds a set of architectural light, enhancing the relationship between the space, the stadium and Coca-Cola.


This work is a colaboration between Pacifica and O Escritório (an inspiring advertisement agency based in Lisbon, Portugal) Creative direction — Nuno Jerónimo, Tiago Canas Mendes, Filipe Mesquita, Pedro Serrão, Pedro Mesquita Design: Filipe Mesquita, Pedro Serrão, Pedro Mesquita Copywright: Nuno Jerónimo, Tiago Canas Mendes Project Manager:Pedro Martins Photography:Inês Guedes Motion Design:Tiago Campeã Many thanks to: Inês Simas (Coca-Cola), João Lopes (Praxis), Bruno Alves (FC Porto), Paulo Pereira, Majo Balko, Dalila Maganinho

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