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Now Capazes

Launched on 18 December (2014) the feminist association Maria Capaz achieved, in a few months, a high level of notoriety and visibility. Capazes (the meaning in english is Capables) was the name assumed for a new phase of the association and the online platform.

Branding, Print, Art Direction – 2015

Capazes Evolves

Into a Verbal, Visual and Gestural identity. The adopted visual language suggests a proactive and confident attitude, a positive and aggregator speech, based on three assumptions:
An ideia of Movement in the struggle for equal rights. Hands up as a sign of participation and sharing of ideas. Capacity and attitude symbol; Personal character instilled by individual experience and personal narrative of emotions. A sharing experience that inspires and mobilizes; Collective expression as the foundation for understanding, reflection and evolution of women’s place in society.

Rise Up

Raising your hand symbolises various expressions – presence, voluntarism, pride, participation and identity. We created a brand based on the spontaneous expression, by materialising a gesture as identity and graphic symbol. We added sign language based icons that express different states of mind and attitudes.

More Capables

The handwritten typography and gestural iconography convey an informal and imperfect style, therefore more human. The color palette focuses on the exploration of symbolic and emotional meaning. As a way of extension and work complement we created a collection of emojis that explores the idea of ​​strengthening the Capazes message, as well as street posters, pins, t-shirts, banners, website and social networking.

We love Emojis

As a way of extension and complement of the work, we created a collection of emoji that explores the idea of strengthening the capability message. Street posters were developed, Pins, T -Shirts, Banners, Website and Social Networking. We love Women, everyone loves Capazes.

“…Using the pen, the brush, being on the street, build the protest, create social movement, undertake public campaigns around a claim, reinforce the social dynamics of the construction of this world with the resources of today and the constraints and forces that we have… So, every time we are together, we are stronger. A collective subject that recognizes the difference between the women, and the affinity that unite us, the hands that weave life, making bread, painting blood , we will be able to get up to take the floor and tell the world”. 

– Maria José Magalhães

Photography: © NUMO / Nuno Moreira
Model: Anna Siviero

Type Editing: Joana Correia
Thx to: João Correia Pereira, Rita Ferro Rodrigues, Iva Domingues,
Zé Vitro, João Alarcão, Joana Correia, Joana Ranito

  Silver Award, for Logotype and Symbols, in the XVIII Clube de Criativos de Portugal Festival, May 2016.


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