Cine NOS

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Cine NOS

Entertainment has the power to create stories, appropriated and recreated by the people.

CINE NOS evokes the CineTheatres and the Cinemas NOS. The event opens the possibility of recovering and extending the act of going to the cinema as a social and emotional ritual.

Branding, Graphic Design, Print, Motion Design – 2018

Nostalgia of the cinema

The identity and graphic universe invokes the nostalgia of the cinema and the historical imaginary, but materializes it with a modern twist and fresh attitude through different environments that recreate luminous facades.
In cities like Porto, Lisbon, Tróia, Elvas, Portalegre and Mirandela.

Cinema is back in town

Cine NOS brings all the excitement of cinema and premieres to cities that are out of the big urban centers. It creates a new and exciting ritual of entertainment in mythical and history-laden places.
Cine Nos is already present in cities like Elvas, Portalegre and Mirandela.

Open Air

To present the event concept, Open Air sessions were created in cities such as Porto, Lisbon and Tróia.

Photography Miguel Oliveira
Video and Motion design by Nuno Leites

Thanks to:
Filipa Krohn, Rodrigo Gralheiro

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