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Cucurico is a new restaurant concept that proposes the reinvention of the Portuguese barbecue.
It creates an innovative offer in a territory that has not been updated: the chicken barbecue houses.
Cucurico is the affable name by which free-range chicken farmers call their chickens.

Branding, Graphic Design, Print – 2018

A Ferro e fogo

An identity was developed with a unique and recognizable personality, that recreates a series of clichés (from chicken and barbecue houses), into a new universe of visual elements that project this concept as something “new” without precedents.

Graphic elements

The identity is based on a visual grammar that allows to create new environments for the context of the brand’s performance. The brand is also free.

LX Factory Space

Cucurico represents a restoration and refurbishment project for a churrasqueira (Portuguese chicken grill-house) covering an area of 230m2, located in the LxFactory complex in Alcântara, Lisbon. The area is located within a commercial area, characterised by its industrial past, and spans a broad space with its roofing in iron and glass held up by the metallic pillars that punctuate the space according to a strict geometry.

The brand set the framework of a young and urban language able to serve to leverage an informal and welcoming ambience.

Space photos by Francisco Nogueira
Architecture and Space Design DC-AD

This project has many hands on it. A huge thanks to the team that pulled this together with such positivity and enthusiasm, especially: Paulo Gaspar, Bruno Castro, Sofia Machaqueiro, Duarte Caldas, Silvia Antunes, Ola Dobrzyńska

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