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EI Energia Independente


Eye Opener for Solar Energy

EI Energia Independente is a new brand of solar energy that empowers every user to explore rooftops as a source of profitability, with the most cutting-edge and exclusive technology. With the confidence of @galp, EI Energia Independente accompanies every client on the journey to explore the sun as a source of power and become an expert in solar energy.

Branding, Print, Digital, Art Direction – 2021


Sun is Light and Light is Energy.

Sun is energy in the form of Light. This energy is reflected and replicated in various ways. The sunlight, when interacting with colored shapes, originates new colors, generating new expressions of power and energy.

EI’s identity was built based on an exploration of light and dynamic reflective shapes. Vibrant colors enhance the renewable (solar) energy EI brings to the consumer.

Branding by This is Pacifica x Saint Pirate
Film by Harmonia
Photographers Harmonia + Matilde Cunha
Motion Nuno Leal
Figurant Diana Neves de Carvalho

This is Pacifica

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