Giro by Hussel

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Giro by Hussel


Creating fans

We develop a mass consumer brand specialized in gums and candy. To explore a fantasy universe of interaction and a strong loyalty potencial that can be shared and can create fans. The ambition was to devise a loving brand with small and great ambassadors — children and adults.

Embracing the fun

Jerónimo Martins is a Portuguese Business Group of the food industry and retail that also owns / represents foreign brands such as Hussel. Giro is the brand with a specific mission: candys — to explore the opportunity to enhance the business of gums and to create a brand concept with a dedicated point of sale in shopping malls.

It’s so Giro

Giro brand is a graphic system that embodies the product. We relate brand and product by means of a simplified language full of symbols (texture, light, shape) and sensations (taste, sight, smell, touch).

Trick or Treat

We believe that the concept should be based on a comprehensive and large scale communication system. Therefore, there are two key elements: a single and simple element and a pattern or mold, assuring a visual language that is both logic and easy to apply, in graphic elements and at the kiosk/store layout. The visual approach reflects the round shape and justifies the brand name — Giro means “cute” and “spin” in portuguese. We have created more than 60 symbols inspired by the gummies themselves and referencing pop-art universe (popular, affordable, uncomplicated).


Photography: © NUMO / Nuno Moreira
Model: Salvador Dias Mesquita
Motion Design: Favo Studio
Point of Sale Design: José Carlos Cruz Arquitecto

Special thx: Francisco dos Santos, Isabel Santos, Teresa Silva,
Ana Fernandes, Justina Leisyte, Sa Vina

–  Silver Award, for Best New Brand, in the XVII Clube de Criativos de Portugal Festival, May 2015.



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