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Malta is a malt drink, made from barley, hops and water.
Despite the similarities with a beer – constitution, flavour, aroma – Malta has no alcohol, since it has no yeast in its constitution – sugars do not turn into alcohol.

Malta is also a recognized source of energy, source of vitamins (especially victim B), bringing strong health benefits (source of antioxidants).
The drink is also consumed as a functional drink giving energy to sportsmen and athletes.

Branding, Packaging, Video – 2018

The Goal

The goal was to rejuvenate the brand image of a malt drink – a brand from Super Book Group portfolio.
After a soft launch the brand wanted to build a more ambitious will to define a new value proposition, a new positioning and a new identity.
The idea was to create a positive “movement” starting in Cape Verde.

The mark has a symbol + in its name, a sign of addition but also of positivity which reinforces the benefit of the malt drink – adds energy, positiveness and a fun attitude in communication.

Energy Filed

The graphical elements gravitate around the brand, as an energetic field, around each consumer or brand ambassador. The “energy field” is also a “shield of protection “justified by the functional benefits that function as an aura of transcendence, of overcoming.

An animated visual universe of fluidity and permanent activity. A brand charged with stimulating energy. It is contagious. The result as a strong impact on points of sale that materialize a brand concept based on emotional vibes, extroverted and fun attitude.

This project has many hands on it. A huge thanks to the team that pulled this together with such positivity and enthusiasm, especially: Francisco Costa, Ricardo Figueiredo Silva, Pedro Gaspar, Miguel Rebelo da Silva, Filipe Penajoia, Jerónimo Rocha, João Real, Leonor Pacheco, Edi Tavares, Ola Dobrzyńska

Product Photography: Numo / Nuno Moreira
Set Photography: Filipe Penajoia
Video Produtor: Take it Easy
Video DOP: Duarte domingos
Video Director: Filipe Penajoia
Video Motion: Easylab
Video Music: Rui Pité
Video Sound: Dizplay

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