NOS em D’Bandada 2015

Branding, Events, Print, Space

NOS em D’Bandada 2015


“Music can change the world because it can change people”.

— Bono

A Vibrant Celebration

In this edition we have made
an approach focused
on the identity of NOS.

From the graphic universe
of the weel and spokes
we developed a visual system,
inspired by Optical Art (OP Art),
dynamic and colorful.

More engaging,
popular and musical

Fireworks, light, explosion of joy,
live act, performance, concerts and fun.

Video: Canal 180
Photography: © Lino Silva, Marco Eira

Mobile App: TrigLabs
Event Production: Yeti

Thx to: João Vasconcelos, Bárbara Carvalhosa, Marina Reino
Rui Mascarenhas, Luis Fernandes, Justina Leisyte, Ana Pinto

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