NOS em D’Bandada 2014

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NOS em D’Bandada 2014


NOS em D’Bandada

Is a popular street event where every spectator is simultaneously an artist and an actor, with an active part in the stage (the street/public locations). Therefore, there is an idea of popular explosion, lights and movement that resemble bumper cars, carousels, fireworks and street food. Art and music mingle together in such an environment trough optical art, kaleidoscopes and other installations that support a festive ambience, accessible to the general public.

S.João da Música

The concept is closer to an artistic event, where music, shows and entertainment are the main focus and inspiration. It becomes an increasingly exciting, more popular event with fireworks, light, explosions of joy and music: live acts, performances, concerts and happenings. The idea of “S.João da Música”, intends to represent the festive mood of a celebration that capitalizes its notoriety and massification — it is an event for everyone. In the third edition, the event’s formal image assumes its core concept and evolves with the active contribution of both the event’s self raised community and the brand that makes it possible — NOS.

NOS em D’Bandada Event

Facts & Numbers
— 19 stages, 10 unexpected sets
— 70 concerts
— around 250.000 people
— capitalization of the event’s notoriety

Video: Canal 180
Photography: © Lino Silva, Marco Eira

Mobile App: TrigLabs
Event Production: Yeti

Thx to: Pedro Moreira da Silva, Bárbara Carvalhosa, Marina Reino
Rui Mascarenhas, Luis Fernandes, Justina Leisyte, Ana Pinto

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