Pur Joy

Branding, Print

The Mantra

Pur Joy challenged us to conceptualize the branding of the 1st Portuguese company certified in Konmari ™, Marie Kondo’s personal organization method. With more than 11 million books sold, a hit show with Netflix, Marie Kondo was considered one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Times Magazine.

The visual and verbal expression of the brand is aimed at a high-end target, with a premium positioning, inspired by Japan, minimalism, simplicity, and a feminine twist. Marie Kondo’s philosophy mantra is SparkJoy, so Pur Joy (meaning murmured joy) came naturally.

Branding, Print and Graphic Design – 2019


The Japanese aspect of the project was a fundamental part of the development of branding, and to remain faithful to the origins of the method we immerse ourselves in Japanese culture with the collaboration of a Japanese translator. The brand was created to transform lives through the organization. Pur Joy helps customers to identify what they value in their lives, through a process with an emotional component and the transformational power of the Konmari Method. Its visual universe is inspired by purism, minimalism, and what is considered essential. The brand identity is a gestural and typographic synthesis of a powerful message. The signature “Tidy your space, transform your life” reflects this purpose. We are a family-owned and operated business.

This project has many hands on it. A huge thanks to the team that pulled this together with such positivity and enthusiasm, especially: Mariana Horta e Vale, Filipa Seara Cardoso e Fernando Cruz.

Photography Numo / Nuno Moreira
Production by Forward

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