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Qu’on is a brand born in the world without being based on a space or location. The brand is for a sophisticated and stylish target, that recognizes originality and uniqueness. The logo is the outward expression of the brand.

Branding, Print, Poster and Website – 2013

A simple gesture as a brand expression. Volume and material. Personality. Japanese inspiration.



The logo, drawn with fluid and organic elements, mimics the movements of the feedstock (leather, rope, fabric). The visual and intelligible universe of the brand is created a with a density of elements that give life and meaning to our everyday life; such as the aspects that compose our look.



Qu’on type, a typography exclusively designed for the project, is defined by volumetric shapes. Used as a visual extension, the inspiration for this graphic element comes from Japan (which is relevant market for the brand). The result is a font with a gestural expression, which reinforces the non-verbal communication.



We designed an extensive library of 60 icons, giving continuity to a system of visual objects around us. Our individual style is defined by the objects found in our suitcases, thus conveying who we are.


Photography: © NUMO / Nuno Moreira – Nominee Award, for Best New Brand, in Art Direction Club Europe (ADC*E), June 2014 – Nominee Award, for Best Poster, in Art Direction Club Europe (ADC*E), June 2014 – Gold Award, for Best New Brand, in the XVI Clube de Criativos de Portugal Festival, May 2014 Special thx: João Ramalho, Lina Ramalho, Magda Mendes, António Pinho, Hugo Marques, Pedro Caria, Daniela Fardilha, Telmo Parreira, Joana Bravo, Wiola Stankiewicz

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