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RailRoad is a surf film about Nic von Rupp directed by Gustavo Imigrante. A movie with an authorial vision that runs away from the norm, with Nic testing some of the heaviest waves of the old continent.

The Portuguese PRO Surfer embarks on an adventure through Europe, going from country to country on night train rides, regional and intercity journeys, finding along the way stimulating landscapes and a lot of time to contemplate them. In the meantime,
Nic surfs some challenging shallow slabs, along with Mick Fanning and some of the most brave Irish surfers.

Print, Graphic Design, Editorial, Art Direction – 2019

The Book

The RailRoad book is the documentary print record of the film. The challenge was to develop a physical piece that was an extension of the film and that also resulted into a memorable piece as a book.

The Concept

On a trip the most important is still the traveler, in this case the journey of Nic and who accompanied him.

The cover reproduces the concept of the film, showing the relationship between Train, Sea and Surf, with the train tracks (black elastics) and the typography that evokes the memory of railway identity and signage (photograph cover by Al Mackinnon).

Each visited country has a Host who writes a text about their experience of the journey and each chapter results from the desire to tell the trip in a free and contemplative way with travel notes that express loose moments that marked each passing.

Editorial Design

The RailRoad book is a collection piece. With great attention to detail in the
organisation of content and care of the editorial design, counts with the participation of
internationally renowned photographers such as Corey Wilson, Jack
Johns, Conor Flannegan, and Al Mackinnon among others. A total of 750 books were produced and part of them were already sold to international surf brands such as Hurley and Monster.

This project has many hands on it. A huge thanks to the team that pulled this together with such positivity and enthusiasm.

Author: Nic Von Rupp
Edition: Nic Von Rupp, Gustavo Imigrante
Design: This is Pacifica
Film Director: Gustavo Imigrante
Texts: Konstantine Arnold, Al Mackinnon, Barry Mottershead, Dan Skajarowski, Freddie Meadows, Konstantin Arnold, Gustavo Imigrante, Mick Fanning, Nic Von Rupp, Seamus Mc Goldrick, Tom Doidge-Harrison, Tom Gillespie
Photography: Al Mackinnon, Conor Flanagan, Corey Wilson, Gary McCall, Gustavo Imigrante, Jack Johns,
Nic Von Rupp, Petter Clyne
Printer house: MaiaDouro
Paper partner: Fedrigoni

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