Short video stories about the cities curiosities, organised by city areas and routes, bring to you by local researchers and presented by passionate storytellers, that allow you to preview and explore the main points of interest of the city trough different platforms.

Branding – 2016

Briefing — Bring curious stories to life

To develope a singular identity for singular stories.
A concept with potencial multiplataform aplication that can be extended through diferent communication needs and perspectives in an unique approach.
A visual identity that is memorable, easily
recognized and engaging by the verbal and visual
concept itself.

Ideia — Connecting Curiosity

We explore the linkage visual idea, phisically
associated with junction and conectivity – a bodily
relation between visitors, journey, cities and locals.
Also a strong connection between user and the
virtual outputs – informations, shares, knowledge.

Thanks to Jason Pascoe and Nuno Alves

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