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WOO. The first 100% digital telco.

The new brand is the result of several months of joint strategic reflection between Stream and Tough Guy, This is Pacifica and the WOO team. In addition to what was already a challenging work, there was the need to rethink the construction of the brand in an environment influenced by the impact of the new context in which we live in.

WOO was thus born from the vision of wanting to explore new client centric services that aim to define the future of telecommunications. It sets itself apart by providing an offer centred on internet services, mobile and fixed, through a close and simplified relationship that exploits the potential of its 100% digital ecosystem, which gains even more relevance today.

Branding, Digital, Art Direction – 2020

100% Intelligent, 0% artificial.

The brand presents itself to the sector with the personality of a true facilitator of seamless and inspiring experiences and that’s what the branding work aspired to give answer to.
WOO’s identity summarises the human experience in a context of digital interaction, in a dynamic compositional relationship, made from a palette of vibrant colours. For this reason, the brand acts as a pivot of interaction between elements that complement each other and are surprisingly consistent and visually stimulating.

A film directed, edited and art direction by: Gattopardo
Produced by: Harmonia + Gattopardo
Motion Design: Nuno Leal
Photography: Harmonia + Pedro Mkk
Casting and locations: Harmonia
Protagonist: Rita Martins
Thanks to: Ana Marta Dias, Isabel Cortês e Luis Francisco Krug

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