Zippy – One Big Family

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Zippy – One Big Family



To celebrate International Children’s Day, ZIPPY, a kids clothing brand managed to get together a very special group of kids.

The casting criteria wasn’t your typical appearance or gender but a very different one.
Their names, together, should make up the lyrics to “Lean on me”, by Bill Withers.

So after several months of worldwide casting research where hundreds of talent agents and kids sports clubs were contacted plus thousands of parents with the right last names were approached, they managed to get together, for one day, the 49 kids they were looking for.

Under the motto “We go together”, Zippy, the brand behind the campaign, aims to convey the idea that we make sense together, despite our differences reinforcing its vision of inclusion, friendship and togetherness.

Branding, Film – 2019

“One Big Family” Campaign

The film entitled “One Big Family” draws from the insight that we’re all born free
preconceptions. When we’re kids we don’t see colour, religion or background.

All we see is a potential friend. It’s time we stop trying to teach kids for a little bit
and try to learn something from them instead – stresses Filipa Bello, Head of Brand
and Creative Design in ZIPPY.

The campaign was shot in London and comes at a moment when the brand
is present in 40 countries around the World.

The campaign was born from a collaboration between This is Pacifica Design Studio,
and Stream and Tough Guy Advertising Agency. Production was at the care of
Playground and the film was directed by Cristiana Miranda.

This project has many hands on it. A huge thanks to the team that pulled this together with such positivity and enthusiasm, especially: Filipa Bello, Regina Guerner, Catarina Castro, Ana Raquel

Client: Zippy
Agency: This is Pacifica + Stream and Tough Guy
Creative Direction: Filipe Mesquita & Miguel Durão

Director: Cristiana Miranda
DOP: Richard Stewart
1st AD: Marc Wilson
Production House: Playground
Executive Producer: Alexandra Dias
Producer: João Abreu
Casting Director: Ilenka Jelowicki
Behind The Scenes: Filipe Neto

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