Ne Oublie

This exclusive edition individually numbered was named ‘Ne Oublie’ after the original Graham’s family motto and for the company where Andrew Symington started his life’s work. The name reflects the respect with which the family regard their great-grandparents’ joint decision to commit themselves and their descendants to Portugal, to the Douro and to Port.


Symington Family Estates




Branding, Product design, Packaging

“It is not a wine for everyone, but it is for someone with a sense of history, a sense of rarity. It is also a chance to take a look back into the nineteenth century.” Paul Symington

The inspiration was the luxurious, exclusive and premium universe to create an environment full of sophistication and storytelling. The colours reflect both the materials on the product packaging such as silver, crystal and leather and the organic, vivid aspect of the product.

Ne Oublie connects to the present with an old and valuable legacy – a wine that embodies Graham’s brand positioning – the luxury port wine. “Memories come in many forms… ours just happen to be in wine” was the engaging sentence that was explored in the whole communication.

This extraordinary wine has been bottled in a hand-made crystal decanter designed by Portugal’s leading glass manufacturer Atlantis. Three sterling silver bands, moulded and engraved by Scottish Silversmiths Hayward & Stott, and carrying the mark of the Edinburgh Assay Office, adorn the glass. The decanter is presented in a bespoke presentation box handcrafted with the finest leathers by quintessentially British brand Smythson of Bond Street, one of the world’s oldest luxury leather goods companies. Hence, Ne Oublie represents the work of the very finest artisans of the three nations from which the Symington family is descended: Scotland, England and Portugal.

The first appearance of the produc took place in London in an exclusive cocktail party with the presence of the Symington family. During those weeks some of these people were invited first by an e-card (save the date) and then by formal invitation, to the revealing moment that took place in London. The invitation was a combination of fine papers and exquisite print finishing (thermo-stamping and embossing), bearing the signatures of the Symington family members, and was sealed with a wax seal of the Graham’s logo.

Storytelling was the communication drive to envolve the target with the brand and product. The strategy was to come up with a teaser campaign where the Symington Family and the people involved with the brand tell the story of the product without revealing it completely. The 5 chapters and the complete documentary explored the hand-made process of the product development and reveals each detail of Ne Oublie and emphasises the family’s dedication to the wine and it’s region: the Douro.