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Hardy – Smoked Masterpieces

Hardy is a brand of smoked salmon that is entirely handcrafted, using only the freshest salmon loins, the finest local sea salt and a special secret blend of wood chips. Its name origins comes from Eberhardt Horst Dams, also known as “Hardy” a German-Portuguese born in Germany in 1917.

Branding, Graphic Design and Packaging – 2018 / 2021


Hardy’s graphic identity results from two main ideas:
the use and manipulation of a strong typography that evokes
a Germanic aesthetic, rigid and sharp as a cutting knife
and the symbol that reproduces the Hardy process,
the salmon fillet, with its texture and repetition of pattern,
and a drawstring tie that binds it to the smoker.

Visual universe

The visual representation of the fish is adapted to other fishes
in the Hardy portfolio, such as the slender and longer Eel,
the Mackerel (small and group) and the extension to future new products.

The chromatic palette was defined with great care: the salmon orange
and a deep blue exist in balance and in alternation.


In 2021 we finished Hardy’s full set of 4 packaging: 1200gr, 700gr, 240gr and 120gr. The concept and expression of the brand are now materialized in a packaging that respects the origin, the preparation time and the flavour at the time of delivery.

“Hardy” Film

Filmed between Ofir (shelter harbor of Eberhardt Horst Dams also known as Hardy) and Porto (the grandson Filipe Dams’ house), this a story that deserves to be told, perpetuating a tradition that survived the 2nd World War. A small movie that has no ambition rather than be the support of a mark that was not lost in time.

Video Director by João Sousa / Le Joy
Product photography by Nuno Moreira / NUMO
Editorial photography by João Sousa / Le Joy

Thanks to:
Filipe Dams, Bruno Costa de Carvalho,
Fernando Cruz, Joana Oliveira, João Fernandes, Mircea Anghel

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