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RAAD is an Architecture and Interior Design Studio.

In order to create a visual universe which reflects this duality, we explored the hexagonal shape. It fills the space in a natural and perfect way. Hexagonal basaltic columns formed of cooled lava from ancient volcanic activity in an island in Ireland are an example of this event.

From outside to inside


Such as what happens in an architecture project, we planned the exterior design and then structured and filled the geometric shape. The central idea for the identity came from the action of filling in the hexagon.We started from the outside to the inside, the same way RAAD works from architecture to design.

Stamps series


We developed the brand’s visual universe applying seven different stamps to the stationary. All the elements are designed with a combination of those stamps. This process emphasizes the personal, custom touch in all projects. Also, we elaborated a series of hand made posters.

Analogic to digital


The website is designed based on a logic of vertical parallax. All the areas are accessed sequentially (via scroll) and directly (via menu). The whole concept of identity, graphic and digital communication emphasizes the link between the different levels of content, creating a fluid and consistent language.

Photography: © Diogo Azevedo, Pedro Saraiva
Softbox  Photography Studio

Thx to: Rodrigo Abreu, Inês Vital, Diogo Azevedo 

–  Nomination Award, for Branding, in the ADC*E – Art Directors Club Europe 2016.
–  Gold Award, for Logotypes/Symbols, in the XVI Clube de Criativos de Portugal Festival, 2013.


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