Super Bock Night Shift

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Super Bock Night Shift


Super Bock Night Shift

Super Bock is characterised by a close and faithful relationship with all its customers.
The goal is to create a commitment to authenticity: the most authentic Super Bock ever,
marking presence in sophisticated night spots.

Branding, Illustration, Space Design, Motion – 2018


Super Bock Night Shift aims to create a brand application model close to night trendsetters spots: restaurants, terraces, bars and nightclubs. Different locations with different requirements.

The suitability of the brand presence, color code and material selection is essential to associate authenticity.

A simplified version is mainly used in physical and digital materials, in order to be more flexible, extensible and adaptable to different environments.

The Super Bock red stain covers the entire diameter dimension of the rings associated with the symbol and use textures and cuts in the different interventions.

Super Bock Night Shift Posters

Posters and motion animations have been developed to illustrate Super Bock’s personality in the context of the night, in moments of
authenticity and friendship.

The interpretation of these moments is made with a minimal approach with the use of a reduced colours and purified forms.

Posters and videos are part of a communication kit to be implemented at selected Portuguese night spots.

This project has many hands on it. A huge thanks to the team that pulled this together with such positivity and enthusiasm, especially: Bruno Albuquerque, Vasco Ribeiro, Sónia Figueiredo e José Pedro Silva.

Product Photography: Numo / Nuno Moreira
Videos Director: Andre Gaspar
2D animation: Eric Dias, André Leite
3D animation: Sebastião Lopes, Joao Batista
Simulation & Render: Francesco Giugliano

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