Mercado da Pedra

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Mercado da Pedra


Mercado da Pedra

After ten years of experience, Mercado da Pedra has expanded its work among luxury segment by adding value to the most exquisite spaces and a well refined stone work. Pacifica was responsible for the global rebranding, repositioning Mercado da Pedra as a premium company that delivers a transversal service from briefing to implementation.

Branding, Space Design, Print, Webdesign – 2016

Crafted timeless beauty for the modern world. Art reserved just for the sophisticated taste.

Mercado da Pedra stays true to the precious natural stones taking the most exquisite and rare matter and putting it into the hands of experienced craftsman, interior designers and architects, to create unique ambiences.

Photography: NUMO []
Video & Photography on Location: João Sousa []

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