Observatório da Chicala

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Observatório da Chicala


The London Metropolitan University and the Agostinho Neto University developed an architecture academic study about the mesh of the poor neighborhood Chicala in Luanda, Angola.

A hard cover book was published with that study.

The subject of the book was about the lives of Luanda’s people, but the true is it had never been close to the intimate story of its inhabitants because of its academic nature.

We invited locals to participate in the study. But in a different way.
The result was overwhelming.

Locals made the cover of their life.

They took into their hands the architecture study and embroidered their own story over it.
Academic and real life languages converged perfectly in a beautiful way.

Selected for the exhibition Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design by the Vitra Design Museum.

Curator and Author of the Chicala Observatory: Paulo Moreira
Video: Le Joy / João Sousa Video Song: Aline Frazão
Photography: © NUMO / Nuno Moreira
Craft and Artwork: Polly Waid
Thx to: Polly Waid, Aline Frazão

–  Gold Award, for Editorial/Books, in the XVIII Clube de Criativos de Portugal Festival, May 2016.

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