Sincelo — Posters


Sincelo — Posters



Since its opening in 1980, Sincelo produces in Rua de Ceuta shop the real ice cream of Porto.
In 2015 the identity and graphic heritage of the brand are renewed. The refreshing of the brand respects and enhances the essence of the visual universe of a dated mood, making it classic and unusual.

Print – 2015

Awaken your senses

The collection of 5 posters “Awaken your senses” are printed on carbon pigment and emit an aromatic essence of flavours that reminds a glass of Sincelo’s ice cream (they also remind the smell of perfumed sheets collected by the children in the 80s).

The collection of five posters “Awaken your senses” is limited and is only on sale in the Sincelo’s flagship store.

Photography: © NUMO / Nuno Moreira

Thx to: Teresa Aguiar, Fernando Cruz, Joana Oliveira, Francisco Vaz da Silva,
Ana Fernandes, Sarah Bouchir, Masha Dunaeva, Inês Barata, Zé Vitro, João Alarcão

–  Silver Award, for Graphic Design, in the ADC*E – Art Directors Club Europe 2016.
–  Gold Award, for Posters, in the XVIII Clube de Criativos de Portugal Festival, May 2016.

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